IMEC Contribution to the project

IMEC will be the prime contractor for the project and as such act as the technical and administrative project coordinator. Furthermore, IMEC will act as coordinator of WP2 (Micro-disk based devices and PICs) and will be responsible for the design, fabrication and initial characterisation of the micro-disk based PICs. In WP3 (Advanced all-optical flip-flops), IMEC will collaborate with LPN and TUE for the heterogeneous integration of the advanced flip-flops onto SOI chips. IMEC will also contribute to WP1 (System design and specifications) and WP4 (System experiments and assessment), where it will mainly collaborate with TUE and IBM.

IBM Contribution to the project

IBM Research GmbH has major involvement in WP1 and WP4 and smaller involvements in WP2 and WP3. It will lead WP1 and propose architectures and their specifications with an industrial perspective. In WP4, IBM will collaborate with TUE to do extensive system experiments on the fabricated PICs and to provide feedback from an end-users point of view. The smaller involvement in WP2 and WP3 reflects the contribution of IBM to design and packaging of the PICs.

LPN Contribution to the projec

LPN will be the coordinator of the Work package on advanced all-optical flip-flops (WP3). It will take charge of the design, fabrication and dynamical studies on the system based on the photonic crystal laser, heterogeneous integration of the Photonic Crystal based flip-flops onto SOI chips being carried out in collaboration with IMEC. LPN will participate actively in WP2 in the fabrication of the micro-disk systems., Particularly it will provide along with TU/e MOCVD grown III-V structures and high resolution alignment of the disk with the subjacent waveguides through e-beam lithography. LPN will also participate in WP1 activity with respect to Design and specifications and WP4 (System experiments).

TUE Contribution to the project

Three different groups from COBRA participate in this proposal: the Electro-Optical Communications (ECO) group, the Opto-Electronic Devices (OED) group and the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics (PSN